Chief Technology Officer

New York, NY (Soho)

Are you an experienced technologist looking for a new challenge? Do your skills span mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering? Would you like to get on the ground floor of the flying robot revolution?

Falkor Systems, Inc., an early-stage startup developing autonomous flying robots for the commercial market, is looking for a chief technology officer.

The company’s founder / CEO is a successful entrepreneur whose first company developed a pioneering product development strategy which led the United States government to substantially restructure its technology export control policy. The company eventually sold to Red Hat, Inc.

The chief technology officer will be responsible for:

  • determining the company’s technology strategy
  • designing, developing, and building product prototypes
  • performing flight testing
  • hiring technical staff
  • developing artificial intelligence algorithms
  • prototyping and building micro-controller and embedded systems electronic components
  • design and manufacture of PCBs

The ideal candidate has:

  • at least fifteen years of technology startup experience
  • a strong applied math background
  • substantial experience with open source technology and open source communities
  • familiarity with embedded Linux and Robot Operating System
  • a technology startup track record, with at least one successful exit
  • experience with remote-controlled aircraft
  • developed applications with microcontrollers
  • an interest in getting their hands dirty
  • knowledge of machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, control systems, planning

To apply, please email [email protected]