Sameer Parekh, CEO

Sameer’s first company, C2Net Software, Inc., implemented a pioneering international development strategy which allowed the company to sell its products worldwide, while export restrictions constrained its competitors to the domestic market. This strategy lent the company a strong reputation for quality and the leading market share position for its product, surpassing the competition from both Microsoft and Netscape. Sameer and his company were regularly featured in national publications including Wired Magazine, Newsweek, and Forbes.

After selling the company to Redhat Software, Inc., Sameer developed a variety of international and domestic projects. Among these projects were a position as Chairman of Havenco, Ltd., a company with an innovative plan to develop secure datacenters around the world, a tour of Central and Eastern Europe as a professional disc jockey, and a music cafe in downtown Oakland.

In 2007 Sameer applied for a commission in the United States Marine Corps, but was sent home from Officer Candidates School with an injury before completing the training cycle. After moving to New York City he worked briefly as a quant for Goldman Sachs in the Interest Rate Products group.

Sameer studied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics before completing his B.A. Economics at the University of California at Berkeley. He also holds an M.S. in Mathematics in Finance from the Courant Institute at New York University. Sameer has also studied Spanish, Latin, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Arabic, and Farsi. He is an accomplished public speaker, having given lectures at conferences sponsored by organizations such as the Cato Institute and the Usenix Association. He holds a private pilot license with an instrument rating, a Level 1 Crossfit trainer certification, and a Level 1 Crossfit nutrition certification. He enjoys aviation, crossfit, rock climbing, running, cycling, metal fabrication, and landscaping.